A mural in a room

A couple of parents have asked me to paint a mural in their son’s bedroom. The child itself (nine years old) wanted a mantis painted above his bed. So, this is the draft-project that I presented to them at first (It was an italian family so the text you see in the draft is in Italian). At the end of the project-draft you can see the sketches in black&white pencil to be approved before starting work:

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customer liked the draft, so I made a color simulation of the wall as it would become when completed. (Since the work will dwell with you in your home for some time, It is right to know before how it will be! 🙂 ). So here is the digital preview: (It was done by me in photo editing).

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The project was approved and I immediately started the mural. Some of the work in progress moments here:

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And finally , that’s the result (they were all very pleased with the work:)  :

A timelapse of me working, here >  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MVMQ1ZCauHA